Le plaisir du texte - Roland Barthes (1973)

July 21st, 2012

7.16 pm. Le Pradet.Sharing  special moments with L'Artiste. Time is a relative concept. Disconnected of our social obligations. He's working, writing, re-reading. Feelings. Inspiration. Muse.

I am wasting time, watching the sea. Sometimes I have to answer. I do it. I have to. Real life. But I am finding some precious free time to keep on reading "Une vie pour l'Art" by Patrice Trigano, thinking to myself, what an incredible man. I admire the fact that this "art lover" did everything for his passion. I am travelling with him sharing his amazing artistic encounters.

Absurd. Nihilism. Humanity. Philosophical discussions. As always. Being together is like two distinct atoms understanding  far deep one another. Our heightened sensibilities. We understand. He. I. More than a relation between a manager and the artist, we share the same visions of life. His darkness & nihilism is as my absolute conviction of the absurdity life . But we are all responsible of our existences. We both agree on that. At last.


Une vie pour l’Art – Patrice Trigano – Pierre Molinier

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