Le plaisir du texte - Roland Barthes (1973)

July 26th, 2012. "Let me tell you a story. Life is painful, and then you die. The end." - Julien Levy

- Do you believe in Fairy Tales?- Absolutely not. - Do you believe in Love? - I do. But I do believe in waste too. - Why? - Because humankind is imperfect. - So why keeping on dreaming? - Because without dreams I die. - How can you live with that? - Absurdity of life is an assumption that I have accepted a long time ago. Now you have different choices: either be depressed, revolted, or turn out to be what you originally hated, choosing the easy-way, abandoning your values… Or fight. - Fight for? - Fight for the construction of a great world despite this human imperfection, a world that makes sense to you. This is MY fairy tale L'Artiste thinks quite differentely, but he fights too.



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Nothing but… Laurence Guenoun, photographe & fondatrice de Plateform Mag

Wall-e - 2008