Le plaisir du texte - Roland Barthes (1973)

September 5th, 2012 - The Graduate, 1967

11.30 pm - Exhausted. No time to write a Chronicle. Out for dinner with my best girlfriends from university. We graduated 10 years ago. Bastille. Sidewalk Café. “ What did we use to do when we were students?” “We wasted a lot of time!” “In a way, we enjoyed this carefreeness…” “We were not carefree, we were always thinking about what we would be doing after graduating, who we were, what we were doing on this planet. We couldn’t measure how lucky we were to have all this free time… But ok. There was something so “ fresh” in not being responsible for anything else than ourselves…” “We would only chat, do nothing but study, or go out with friends… really good times…” “I loved being a student, but I prefer being our age.  Now we know the value of things. This is probably why I prefer being 34. As students, we wondered what we wanted to be, we had as many questions as certainties, we tried to imagine our dream life according to projections of those lives.  I couldn’t imagine at all who I am today, and what I became. Remember, I thought I would be a little businesswoman in a huge multinational company. I did all my internships to become this “idea of me”.  It was a conditioned dream of me. Then I changed. Suddenly. I remembered. One of my younger friend, who is graduated from the same university told me recently he was sure he should have become a pastry-cook. He is thinking of this redeployment beside his work. Funny, no ?  Now I work with Artists, I produce lots of things, manage  a startup communication agency with my associate despite the fact that I said I would never ever be an entrepreneur… The same goes for you. You had no idea about what you are today… Actually we now know that we cannot have any certainties. We can only dream and manage to become or stay what we want to be. We are responsible for our choices and existence. Learning to live with this part of uncertainty is a real freedom. At last, the only truth that we can be sure of: no one can be sure who and where one will be in 10 years… In my opinion, this is why it’s better to live for our present dreams and try to achieve them within the next 10 years ;) "

"- Would you mind telling me then what those 4 years of College were for ? What was the point of all that hard work ?

- You got me..."

Greeen #6 - September 2012

September 4th, 2012 : Pierre Huyghe : "It's about the circulations of stories..."