Le plaisir du texte - Roland Barthes (1973)

November 21th, 2013 – Berlin, Paris, New-York, Marrakech, Ouarzazate, London.. and... Berlin.

11.08 pm. Last written note was in Berlin last february... Daily life. Passions. Love. Human relationships. Artists. Creativity. Business. Travels. Business. Travels. Photography. Weddings. Friends. Joy. Artists. Sadness. Music. Gastronomy. Students. Love. Money. Sport. Politic. Environment. Rock'n'Roll.  Show off. Luxury. Fashion. Music. Night Life. Advertising. Photography. Music. Medias. Love. Friends. Family. Music. Sleeping. Not much. Photography. Film. Love. Film. Smile. Love. Family. Births. Sun. Directors. Travels. Associations.Writing. A lot. Not for me. Back. Writing. Now. From Berlin. Me and You, and Everyone we know. 

Paul & Fritz Kalkbrenner "Sky And Sand... von paulnevermind

Pénélope Bagieu s'engage... so do I.

Berlinale 2013 - Camille Claudel par Bruno Dumont