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Nothing but... Emilie Aubry, editor

Editing is a real passion job, if you are not a passionate you won’t be a good editor.

Emilie, please start by telling us who you are, where you're from,  how’s your life been like so far?
Hi, I’m Emilie, I’m 26 years old. I am a music video and commercial editor. I currently live in Paris but I am originally from Bordeaux, a city south west of France. I started to like videos and movies when I was a kid. I used to watch music videos on MTV with my sister nonstop. We used to record these music videos on VHS to watch it over and over again. One day I took my dad’s camera and we made music videos too with my sister. I filmed and edited the way a 12 year old could. I loved it and as I got a bit older, it was clear my future focus and studies were movies and editing.


I have met you when you came to knock at Home Digital Pictures's door. You were already very determined ! Since then, you worked a lot on different projects. Could you please evoke to us one of your best and worst work souvenir(s). 
Haha I always have been determined. I knew absolutely nobody in this industry!
I moved to Paris just after graduating from editing school. After my studies, I headed to paris and knocked on every production company door that I could. I have been lucky to be welcomed at Home Digital Pictures, the postproduction company of Division and Insurrection. I didn’t even know what a big company it was when I originally started!
One of my cherished memories was editing my first music video with Helmi “Champs Elysées”. I will never forget it. I was so happy, it felt like a dream come true. It was really cool because it was also the first job of my friend Clémence as a producer, Helmi is awesome and the artist Bonnie Banane is the best in what she does! It was fun, tedious and interesting. I am so fucking proud to have started this way with this first job!

Directed by Helmi • Produced by DIVISION ► AWARDS ► UKMVA 2014 | Best Urban Video Budget •

There are some projects I hated doing, because it went bad with the director, or because the video was boring. This doesn’t happen often, but as an editor I am lucky because even if work environment is shitty, it always ends up being a short gig. If I don’t like it I won’t come back!

As an editor, what would be your Top 5 movies ? 
My top 5 would be:
-       Boogie Nights directed by Paul Thomas Anderson
-       La Grande Belezza directed Paolo Sorrentino
-       Magnolia directed Paul Thomas Anderson
-       Singin In The Rain directed by Stanley Donen and Gene Kelly
-       Blue Velvet directed by David Lynch
These films are in no particular order. I am currently very television series, I have to mention “Breaking Bad” edited by Kelley Dixon. One of my editing inspirations is Dixon, and my currentgoal is working for a television series! I watch and listen to a lot of podcasts. Dixon explains how she works and how her ideas come to life while editing. She is one of the best for me, but I’d like to include Scorsese’s editor Thelma Schoonmaker.

A silent film production company and cast make a difficult transition to sound. (Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer)

Among your influences, who are the artists of the other fields you admire, and why? Is it important for you, not only "being stucked" in Film Industry ?
I have to say I love art in general and I think it’s very important to have an old art culture and also to be aware of what is going on right now. I am talking about everything including, pictures, paintings, videos, features, architectures, installations. It’s important for my work and myself to understand all the references given by directors. All fields of artistry often inspire directors, so I have to stay up to date. It inspires me too, it makes you more open-minded artistically.

You come from Bordeaux and you're dreaming of L.A. What does represent the City of Angels in few words? 
It’s funny because when I’m in LA sometimes for a few seconds I have the feeling I’m in Bordeaux. Of course it’s bigger and different but I don’t know, it’s something in the air. I met so many interesting people over there. I have received a lot of interest from prominent companies in the industry, but Maavven is my favorite. Me living in Los Angeles will be an amazing experience professionally and day to day life. We all know LA is the entertainment capital of the world, and I know in my heart that’s where I need to be! My ambitious positive attitude is going to open the door to a lot of new adventures. I hate ordinary routine lifestyles.

What tips would give young people dreaming of becoming editor? 
Editing is a real passion job, if you are not a passionate you won’t be a good editor. I think you need to have imagination and also love watching movies. Watching movies helps find great ideas and tweak them into your own version. You have to work a lot, and the idea of being the best editor is a bit subjective. The more editing knowledge with creative insight can create a very good editor. Be able to voice an opinion, have a point of view, take risks, be crazy. If I can talk about traps to avoid, I’d say pick projects you love to be working on. Pick passion jobs, not just jobs to pay the bills. 

When you were a child, you dreamed to become...
hen I was a kid I wanted to draw and ride a horse to sell my art all around. Then at 12 I wanted to be an actress, haha so dumb.

A statement or a motto you always keep in the back of your mind?
Everything is gonna be alright. 

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